About Me

About Andrew Field Images

I began making floats many years ago after finding an old tackle box in my grandfather’s garden shed. The floats inside were clearly very old, handmade efforts but in a shocking condition. Chipped paint, peeling varnish, loose thread and eyes that just popped off when I gave them a tug. At first I thought they would only be fit for the bin but I took them home and gave them a new lease of life. I never used them for fear of losing one on a snag or a fish but I loved their look and their feel. So I made some more, much like them, to suit my own style of fishing. Before long, I was making floats for friends and then friends of friends and now I post them worldwide.

I began to realise that many of today’s anglers were left cold by modern day fishing floats and were often making their own to suit their specific angling needs because they wanted a float that was a joy to use and beautiful on the water. So my float-making had begun. I started to build my own style by inlaying my trademark feathers on all my creations. I started buying old fly-tying kits for the vintage silk threads and the vital feathers for my designs. I would ask friends to keep their wine and champagne corks so I could use them for making float bodies. I loved turning down a champagne cork to make one of my perch bobs and you wouldn’t believe how often I’m asked to make a float from a cork that celebrated an anniversary or a wedding day.

Floats are very special to me. I love making them, fishing with them and being a part of their all-encompassing world.