Pike Floats

Pencil Pike Float

These floats feature balsa bodies on beech hardwood stems. These are really rugged floats ideal for hard days and harsh weather. They come in a variety of sizes and the balsa blob allows you to fish the bigger models at extreme range. These floats are perfect for deadbaiting especially on still waters. You can fish them over depth and strike as soon as the float cocks and moves away.

Price: £34.00
Gazette Float

The old Fishing Gazette float was often as no a disaster. The locking peg worked loose, the float would fly off and, as a lad, you would end up chasing it down river, landing net flailing. Andrews modern take on a classic design features a balsa body on a variety of stems. Although a step back in time these floats remain applicable to the modern piking scene. They prove particularly suitable to larger waters notably the Scottish Lochs.

Price: £38.00
Fluted Pike Float

Before his recent death Mike Winter discussed fluted pike float designs with Andrew and these are the excellent results. They feature balsa bodies and sight bobs on hardwearing beechwood stems. These are primarily river floats and the fluting allows you to trot live and dead baits with control and sensitivity. If you want to bring a bit of craft to your river pike fishing and want to work the main flow with complete confidence these are terrific floats in every way.

Price: £45.00
Cork Pike Bob

Go on! Use your imagination. Whatever design springs to your mind Andrew can bring that float to life on the riverbank. Materials include cork, balsa, quill and cane and the results are staggering. Not just novelty floats, these fish live and dead baits expertly. One happy customer reports 100 pike on one cork bob in a single season and it is still going strong.

Price: £42.00
Tunnocks Tea Cake Gazette Float

Fishing is fun, or it should be. This crazy float is exactly like the gazette float only with the addition of the teacake wrapping on the body. Its a crazy float but it catches fish and you can guarantee it will be a talking point as the kelly kettle sings!

Price: £75.00
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