Fluted Avons

These are balsa bodied cane stemmed floats the distinctive flute design. The flute is important in steadying the float in difficult fishing situations in giving the angler a little bit more control. Fluted avons hold their position well in the current and there is minimal disturbance when mending the line against them, something vital in clearer water. You will find the flutes also give greater resistance to line drag a characteristic that can make the difference at longer ranges. The fluted avon is a great option on those swims where the pace is variable and cross and upriver winds are tricky.

Price: £35.00
Goose Quill Avons

These are made with either goose quill, porcupine quill or cane stems, with bodies made from cork or balsa. They come in a complete range of sizes and hey are the natural floats to use on most running water swims. They are particularly suited to quick, boiling water and fishing at range. The biggest floats can carry meat in over 10 feet of water where as the smallest models are perfect for even a single maggot and shy feeding roach.

Price: £26.00
Wire Stem Avons

These floats incorporate a cork body with a carbon stem. The carbon tips the float quickly and increases the stability of the float through the water. The wire stem avon can be fished well at range, just like the standard avon model. This makes it perfect for quicker deeper water and strong currents. However the float exhibits great sensitivity so that it can be fished closer to the rod, much like a stick float. This is a really useful pattern for all river situations.

Price: £26.00
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