Swan and Goose Quills

Quill is probably the oldest of all the float makers materials. These classic quills create comparatively large float generally fished waggler style. These quills are immensely versatile and are the perfect float for the lift method.

Price: £22.50
Crucian Quills

This is a very sensitive float incorporating a light duck quill with a small streamlined balsa or cork body. The quill is reversed so the tip is even more refined and sensitive, ideal for shy biting still water fish.

Price: £26.00
Bodied Porcupine Quills

These porcupine quill floats feature the addition of a cork body so that the float can take more shot and be fished at further range than the standard porky Once again the addition of the body gives the float that vital stability in choppy conditions.

Price: £28.00
Porcupine Quills

After well over a century of use, these traditional quills are no longer allowed into the UK. From his extensive stocks, Andrew offers these floats in 3, 6 and 10 inch lengths. Porcupine quills are both rugged and comparatively dense, a quality that gives these floats extra stability in shifting currents.

Price: £17.50
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