Insert Waggler

This float is made with a balsa body, a cane stem and either a cane or reed tip. This is a still water float offering great sensitivity because of the slim tip. The body allows you to fish at a decent range and increases the overall stability of the float.

Price: £28.00
Reed Waggler

This reed float is a great still water all rounder. Smaller models are ideal for minimum impact close in work whilst the larger patterns allow you to fish at distances exceeding 20 yards.

Price: £18.50
Bodied Reed Waggler

The addition of the cork body allows you to use even more shot for more extreme distance work. This body also keeps the float steady in heavier winds and helps it combat subsurface currents.

Price: £26.00
Victorian Reed

These lovely floats are painstakingly constructed from several sections of reed fused together to create a stepped float of great beauty and versatility. This traditional design is still perfect for all waggler situations.

Price: £35.00
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