Here at Andrew Field Floats, testimonials mean the world to us. It’s very easy to make floats in complete isolation and forget that they leave the workshop and are treasured and are used and are loved by hundreds, if not thousands of people around the world. We really appreciate those who take the time to get back to us and pass on their comments, nearly always glowing. All these testimonials are fascinating in one way or another and we are proud of them all. Some are from legendary anglers but that is not necessarily important. In the world of float fishing, we are all brothers of the angle!


Neil Stephen

“I have been using Andrew’s floats for a few years now for nearly all my river fishing...."   Read More »

Maurice Pledger

"If not thankfully, then it is just as well the two Gods of the float crafting world, Andy Field and Paul Cook are the best of friends, ....."   Read More »

May Lang

"There are floats and there are Andrew Field floats!"  

Kevin Grozier

"The only slight dilemma I now have is that before I actually use one, ....."   Read More »

Ali Hamidi

“Until you see one of Andrew’s floats you won’t actually realise just what majestic works of art they are...."   Read More »

Bob Roberts

"I like to think I appreciate the finer things in life and floats don't come any finer ......"   Read More »

Stephen Harper

"For as long as I can remember, angling books have always seemed to gravitate to me, ...."   Read More »

Chris Ball

"I am fortunate to own a number of masterpieces by float maker Andrew Field, initially a boxed set as a gift from a family of anglers who I once helped...."   Read More »

Denis Moules

"I first met Andrew Field at the Fenland Fair some two or three years ago. We talked about floats for some time......"   Read More »

Dave Steuart

"Having seen many of your range of floats I must say ......"   Read More »

Shaun Harrison

"I first stumbled across Andrew’s incredible workmanship and eye for perfection after first purchasing........"   Read More »

Robert Brookes

"Over the years I have bought quite a few of Andrew Field’s floats, as I have from a few other makers......."   Read More »

Ted Andrews

"When a devoted angler who just happens to be a natural craftsman combine, ...."   Read More »

Martin Salter

"Andrew's floats are the dog's bollocks when it comes to design, artwork and quality......."   Read More »