Testimonial of Chris Ball
23rd September 2014

Chris Ball

"I am fortunate to own a number of masterpieces by float maker Andrew Field, initially a boxed set as a gift from a family of anglers who I once helped. Securitising the floats closely at the time it was clear that here was someone who not only had a great gift but more so was the incredible attention to detail the floats displayed and of course the fact that they were highly functional items too.

Fast forward a few years and I came face to face with Andrew at a book launch and was then able to talk to him about his business in float making and other activities. However, one point rather took me aback when he mentioned during the conversation that he was once a welder. How I asked could someone with a background like that produce such small works of art - Andrew shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “It’s a passion.”

He asked, “Is there a float you’d like me to produce?” And as it happened there was one; a tiny little plastic pole float I used for stalking. Could, I wonder, Andrew produce a little gem along the same lines but made in a traditional way?

Well, of course he did... and what beauties they are and I’m pleased to report these floats have submerged, with gleeful gathering speed, a number of times during the first few trips after margin feeding carp.

So, as you can see I’m a fan of these outlandishly good floats that really add that something special when out on the bank chasing those pesky carp."

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