Testimonial of Denis Moules
23rd September 2014

Denis Moules

"I first met Andrew Field at the Fenland Fair some two or three years ago. We talked about floats for some time and Andrew gleaned enough information from me to make some for me. The first to arrive were three highly visible dead - bait pencils for my gravel pit piking, quickly followed by two balsa and cane Avon’s for my river rudd fishing. These are beautifully decorated and at first I was reluctant to use them for fear of losing them. This was soon overcome and I have now taken rudd to 2 14 using them.

Andrews’s next project for me was to make a solid cork pike float to use in running water conditions, where buoyancy is essential. The float duly arrived dressed with kingfisher feather and again it looked too good to use. The main thing is it performs perfectly and doubles as a live bait float when water is not being pumped aggressively.

I love cork floats for their buoyancy and I had some pike floats from the 1970s that had long been pensioned off, having been re - painted badly several times by me. Andrew offered to restore these for me and after overcoming a few problems, presented me with 4 beauties restored to perfection.

These I now use again for all my Fenland drain and river piking and they receive admiring comments from all who see them. I think so muck of them that I wrap them in Nash neoprene rod bands to preserve the beautiful finish.

Working from his riverside house in the Fenland town of March, Andrew produces some wonderful products for the discerning angler."

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