Testimonial of Maurice Pledger
23rd of September 2014

Maurice Pledger

"In fact, with no word of a lie, the very moment I took delivery of four of Andy's stunning floats, two goose quills and two reeds, as I opened the tube, lightning flashed and thunder roared overhead. We've never had that at the end of December round here. 

So it must have been a sign of something.  As I write, they sit beside me. Andy's craftsmanship and artwork leave me breathless. Breathless as I feast on their combined artistry, and anxious and impatient as I try and untangle my thoughts long enough to decide where to go and use them. 

By rights there should be at least four trips; one for each float, but then once I use one, immediately it will then become my favourite and I will naturally have to use it again on my next trip. Perhaps that means I'll need eight trips. Probably more. 

I'm almost tired of hearing the same inane comment, " but they're too good to use", so I shall leave those poor unknowing types to continue with their soul-less plastic aberrations, and relish every cast and savour every dip and sway of pure sensuality which is an Andy Field float. 

To me, the float is the key which unlocks the door to the magical room below, so all the more reason why it should be something natural and precious. 
As I write, I await something really, really special which is on its way to me. Andy has just allowed me a tantalising glimpse of something which has obviously caused him to lose some well-deserved sleep over. I know how his mind works, as mine is the same. Once something creeps in, it niggles and niggles until it is resolved. On this occasion it was a mere suggestion of mine, which triggered something which was already quietly bubbling in a corner of his mind. Unfortunately for Andy, it unleashed things which turned the quiet corner into, I'm guessing, a chaotic pinball machine, which wouldn't calm down unless he did something about it. 

I've just been told it is on its way. 

I shall continue this piece after it has arrived, and after I have taken it to see the pond. And now it is me who will be losing sleep, just thinking of the moment it arrives, the moment I can touch it and place it by my drawing board and look at it while I paint. 
Savouring the moment I arrive by the reeds, attach it to my line and cast out……

The dream is to be continued….."

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