Testimonial of Robert Brookes
23rd September 2014

Robert Brookes

"Over the years I have bought quite a few of Andrew Field’s floats, as I have from a few other makers. I know that Andrew holds the floats that were made by Colin Whitehouse in very high regard, as do I. What I will say is, without fear or favour, Andrews floats are better. I don’t think I can give them a higher accolade than that! Not only that, they are still being produced and available, unlike Colin’s.

When you are at the top of your game you will always have others who will try to copy your ideas. Andrew has certainly got some of those. Some of the creations of others are very similar to what Andrew has done, but none have achieved the same standard of finish. Sure, they will all act well as fishing floats, but don’t quite make it as ‘objects if desire’. Andrew Field floats are true works of art and as such don’t come cheap. It is surprising how few floats you lose when you have to be careful!

What many don’t know is that Andrew will make floats to your requirements, and he enjoys the challenge. There was one particular pike float that was made by Allcocks 100 years ago and is as rare as hen’s teeth. Knowing that I may never be able to find one for my collection I commissioned Andrew to make me a couple, one for me and one for a good pal. What I didn’t want was an exact copy, but in the likeness of, and with the Andrew Field touch of flare. It took a bit of ingenuity and now I have my own Baden Powell float, even if it is not an original.

I know the next floats I shall be asking him to make for me. They will be a range of Avons with thicker than usual tops, so that I can see them when long trotting for grayling next winter. I must start saving my pennies!"

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