Testimonial of Shaun Harrison
23rd September 2014

Shaun Harrison

"I first stumbled across Andrew’s incredible workmanship and eye for perfection after first purchasing a traditional canvas bag from him. It replaced a bag I had been using for years as an everyday bag and I can truly say I have been delighted with it after almost 12 months constant use.

Obviously I could not help but notice his incredible range of floats and felt that finally this could be the person to approach for a little more self indulgence. 

I was rather intrigued as to whether Andrew would be interested in producing some of the controller floats I had been having to make for over 30 years now simply because no other company has developed one that I feel enters and leaves the water as silently as my crude old originals.

We had the conversation and after posting some of my originals off I soon received a parcel back much quicker than I had expected. When I opened that parcel I really could not believe what I was looking at for there before me were quite simply stunning pieces of art that definitely put my quick rushed attempts to total shame.

These may be quite new to Andrew’s list but the first ones of this style I made were way back in 1980. So, I can assure you the design has been well and truly tested and has really stood the test of time. I know what I want and will only use what I think is right."


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